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Chennai is the capital of Tamilnadu and earlier it was known as Madras. It is situated at the coastal area of the Bay of Bengal. The city is known for its cultural, economic & educational center. It is also one of the most populous cities in India. It draws a lot of visitors from all over India. The city is also very affordable and safe to live in. Chennai is known for its medical treatments and most of the tourists are health tourists only.

The city is growing exponentially in terms of economic growth and technology sector. Its IT sector is also booming which is bringing a lot of employment to the city. Today, in this article, we’ll discuss what are the different location to visit in Chennai, best astrologer in Chennai, how to choose one and more.

If you are going to Chennai for the first time. Below are some of the must-visit locations for you.

Beautiful Marina Beach
Chennai has a very famous coastline and Marina Beach is one among them. It is popular for its scenic beauty and tranquil surroundings. It’s a high tide beach and you’ll see rolling waves and the sound of waves will make you feel asleep. The beach is nested in the city premises which makes visiting the beach more convenience. Its coastline is around 13kms long which makes it one of the biggest beaches in the world. For tourists, it is one of the main attractions in the city. The place will keep you enchanted with its charm. You can visit the beach with your family or friends and be ready to have a memorable time.

Fishing Thalankuppam Pier
This is also a must-visit place situated at the northern part of Chennai. It’s a small fishing hamlet not very popular but you’ll have a really good time over here. The place is very tranquil and will provide you a therapeutic experience. In this small village, Thalankuppam (river) meets the sea. The location is also very popular in film making. A lot of films are shot over here. The best time to visit the place is during the morning or evening. The place is the best location to witness the sunrise and sunset. If you are thinking of spending a romantic evening with your loved ones, this could be the right option to go for.

Walk at Elliot Beach
Chennai is the city of beaches. This Edward Elliot beach is named after the governor of Madras. It is located at the end of Marina beach that you can cover by walking. It is located at Basant Nagar which’s why also called Basant Nagar Beach as well. The place is very popular among locals and you can enjoy Chennai style cuisines over here. If you want to avoid the rush of marina beach and want some solitude time then Elliot Beach is the must-visit place for you.

Ubbalamadugu Falls
Chennai has everything that you need in a perfect tourist place. Ubbalamadugu Falls takes you to a completely different zone altogether. To reach this place, you have to travel around 35kms from the city. The stunning cascade will surely mesmerize you and for a moment, you’ll find yourself in the lap of nature. It also has Siddulaiah Kona forests surrounding the beach that makes this site very interesting. Apart from being an appealing waterfall, it is also popular among Hindus because of religious regions. During Maha Shivaratri, you’ll find a lot of crowds over here. As people across the city visit the waterfall as it is believed your wishes are granted during Maha Shivaratri.

Anna Centenary Library
If you love reading books, then Anna Centenary Library is the must-visit place for you. The library was inaugurated in 2010 for students, book lovers, and academicians. It has a huge book collection and considered to be one of the biggest libraries in Asia ACL. There are 9 floors in the building and each section is meant for different use. It has a braille section, children section, Periodicals, English Books & also tamil section as well. The library also has a conference hall as well which can accommodate around 150 members. The library is very comfortable, full air-conditioned, Wifi, and comfy calm environment. It also draws a lot of people who are preparing for competitive exams.

It is also known as Simply Mahabs and located 60kms away from Chennai. It is also declared as UNESCO site and known for its heritage wonders. It has carved stones which is the main attraction of the place. You can go to place on bike or car. It’s a cool place to go on a long drive with your buddies. You’ll surely have some good memories to remember. The place also has good seafood and you can also visit the Seashell Museum as well.

You can also do trekking in Chennai. Its trek range offers a lot of adventure activities, scenic drives, sightseeing and a lot more. There are many organizing companies as well which provides different level of trekking difficulty. Most of the trekking part is easy, there are no high mountains, so be ready for fun.

Best astrologer in Chennai (Main Locations)

Astrologer in Chennai

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Importance of Astrology

In this section, we’ll talk about the importance of Astrology. When it comes to astrology, there are two different views among people. One is the group of people who don’t believe that there could be an impact of planetary motion on human lives while there are other groups who have seen an effect on their life strongly believe in it.

Astrology is the part of science and comes under metaphysics. With help of astrology, you get better clarity about life and helps individuals to move in right direction. The impact of astrology can be seen in various fields in life that includes family, career, marriage, health, social status & more.

With astrology, you can plan your future in better which will help you in taking better decisions. In astrology, we study the importance of planetary motion on human lives.

What is really interesting about astrology that it has multiple interpretation, sometimes it is considered as art while sometimes it falls under science category. There are also many branches of astrology which is numerology, palm reading and more. Most of the astrological predictions are based on your birth chart. So, it’s very important to provide the right information when you are consulting with your astrologer.

Things to keep in mind before choosing an Astrologer

In this section, we’ll talk about the certain things that you have to keep in mind before choosing an astrologer. If this is the first time, you are going for astrology consulting, make sure that you do proper research from your side.

1- Connection: The first thing that you have to check that what kind of connection, you are having with your astrologer. Is he/she implanting positive vibes, fear or confusion? According to Pandit Desraj, you should feel right connection with your astrologer. If you don’t feel the right connection, you should never go for it.

2- Expertise: As we have already mentioned that there are multiple fields of astrology and to master one, it takes years. So, you must see what problem you are having and whether your astrologer is having expertise or not? if you are suffering from medical problem, you must visit a medical astrologer, if you are facing problems in love and marriage then you should consult someone who is having expertise in that field.

3- Trust & Reviews: You should also check what is the trust and online reviews of the astrologer. Pandit Desraj has received really good reviews from his clients. He is also a renowned member of Indian Astrologer community and has won gold medalist award for his dedication towards the community.

Problems & Solution through Astrology

In this section, we’ll dive into some of the main problems that people face in their lives and how it can be solved through astrology.

Love Astrology: Love is one of the most common problems that people face. Pandit Ji has helped so many people to find their true love. According to Pandit Ji, finding your true love is an art that you have to master over the period of time. It’s working on your job, building muscle. Most of the time, people don’t put any effort in that and wants result out of it. Love is the core of life, without it, you can’t think of your existence. There are also many cases, when people fall in love with a wrong person and things don’t work out but still they keep on trying. It’s stupid to put effort on a wrong person. Though it’s an emotional journey and nothing seems stupid in love but sometimes you have to look into it from rational point of view as well.

Marriage Astrology: This is the second case where people face a lot of issue even though they have found their love. In India, if you are going for love marriage or inter-caste marriage, you might face a lot of issue. Your own family becomes hurdle in your happiness. According to Pandit Ji, in these cases, with proper consulting, things can be sorted out. Sometimes, if stars are not right, by following certain rituals, you can calm down the situations and get consent from your family. In India, specially in rural areas, things become really worse if these kind of cases are not handled properly. So, in these situations, if you consult with an astrologer during early stage, the things can be sorted out pretty quickly otherwise it can also messup your marriage plans if you delay it and don’t take any action.

Career Astrology: Do you know astrology can also help you out in choosing the right career? Many a times, we have seem the cases, people face a hard time in finding the government job even though they are very intelligent and hardworking as well. And people really go through the serious depression in these cases when nothing seems to work out. In this situation, by wearing certain gemstones, things can be altered drastically. Pandit Ji has helped many people in Chennai in finding their right job.

Medical Astrology: In this case, the first thing that you should do, is to visit a doctor and go for prescribed medication. Still if things don’t work out, then you can go for an astrologer for consulting. Sometimes, big problems have very simple solution that can be solved by following certain rituals. In these cases, mostly it’s recommended to change your lifestyle and follow certain rituals instructed by your Astrologer.

Psychological Problems: A lot of people don’t feel the energy in life. They always feel demotivated and don’t have any passion. According to Astrologers, in these cases, the stars play a huge role in deciding your energy level. If your birth chart is not perfectly aligned with your stars, then things might not work properly and you don’t feel the true meaning of life. Pandit Ji helps in bringing the better clarity of life and you see the things completely from a different perspective. If the case is very extreme, you might be asked to visit a psychiatrist but most of the time, with proper guidance and consulting, the whole perception of the person can be changed and he/she starts seeing positivity in life.

Why Pandit Desraj
Pandit is one of the most influential astrologer in India who has helped hundreds of people in India and Abroad as well. He is a renowned member of Indian Astrology Community and has won several awards for his contribution to society.

Pandit Desraj has been practicing astrology since last 30 years and helped people in various fields. Whether you are having love marriage problem, or struggling to find your dream job. Pandit Ji has solution for you. According to him, Astrology is driven by faith and trust. So, you should trust the astrologer that you are consulting with. If you don’t feel the right connection, then you should not go for it.

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