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Siliguri is situated in West Bengal which is the northeastern part of India. Siliguiri is surrounded by tea gardens and situated at the foothills of beautiful Himalayas. The place has many attractions which draws a lot of tourists from all over the India. It has amazing Science Centre which has attractions like model T rex and digital planetarium. In the east side, we have Surya Sen Park which is also a must visit place if you are visiting siliguri for the first time. The place is named after independent activist.

If you are hindu and have religious belief then White domed ISKON temple will surely enchant you. What i really love about the place that it has people from all over the country. It has people from bihar, tibet and other states. It also has Salugara Monastery as well with colorful Buddhist Shrine.

Siliguri is mainly famous for tea, transport, and timber. It also draws a lot of attraction from kolkata and other nearby cities. Darjeeling is around 80kms away from Siliguri. It also has Mahananda river that adds more beauty to its landscape. Bidhan Road and Sevoke are two very famous hill station market, and you’ll find them crowded all over the year.

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Below are some of the main attractions that you can’t afford to miss if you are in Siliguri.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
If you want to have memorable train ride through Himalayan range then Darjeeling Himalayan range is surely going to enchant you. It is around 200 years old and also a UNESCO heritage site as well. It attracts a lot of visitors around the world and one of the top places to visit in West Bengal. This railway journey starts from New Jalpaiguri and goes to Darjeeling and comes back. It’s fun for everyone whether you are a kid or adult. If you are looking for a affordable honeymoon trip, this might be an option in your list. Lot of Couple visit this place and go back with beautiful memories.

Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary
If you love wildlife then Mahananda Sanctuary should be a must visit place in Siliguri. Its huge reserve forest is the home for a diverse flora and fauna. Here, you’ll find orchids, elephants, jarul and if you are lucky then you can meet Bengal tigers as well. If you love birdwatching, then also this place has a lot to offer. Take out the binoculars and witness the beautiful birds. Here, you will see very unique birds which include Himalayan hornbills, flycatchers and birds from Central Asia as well. They also have a museum in Sanctuary where preserved animals are kept. You can also have a night stay in the sanctuary as they have lodge facility as well.

Coronation Bridge
This is also a very unique attraction and very popular tourist spot. It’s not in Siliguri, it’s in small place in Sevoke for which you have to move 25kms away from Siliguri. This bridge was built in the commemoration of king George VI and Queen Elizabeth who was the part of Darjeeling PWD division. The bridge is known for its architecture (design and engineering) as it has to face the depth of Teesta River.

If you are a religious fellow and believe in “Hare Rama Hare Krishna”, then ISKCON temple should be on your list. It’s a must visit place for God Krishna devotee. Though people from all faith come and visit the ISKCON temple.

Sepoy Dhura Tea Garden
If you are tea fan then Sepoy Dhura Tea Garden is the must visit place for you. This place draws a lot of attraction around the city. And, here you’ll find variety of tea options that you won’t find any where else in the country. Siliguri and Darjeeling are famous for their unique tea. The place is located near Wildlife Sanctuary and you’ll get great picturesque from there.

Salugara Monastery
The place also has monastery as well which brings a lot of Buddhists and people who are Dalai Lama followers. It has a very famous 100 feet stupa which was founded by kalu Rinpoche (Tibetan Lama). Monastery has five kinds of Buddhist relics and you’ll find real peace over there.

This could be a perfect weekend getaway where you can can find some tranquility and peace. This place is located between Mirik & Siliguri and also near to the Balason river. There are several tea gardens around and you get really beautiful view from there. If you are looking for a picnic, it could be a perfect spot. Also, keep in mind that on weekends, it’s bit crowded so plan accordingly.

Importance of Astrology

In this section, we’ll talk about the importance of Astrology. If you are new to astrology, then you might be wondering what this fuss is all about? But, don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the complete process and help you by bringing the proper clarity about it. Astrology is study of significance of planetary motion in our life. How our emotion changes according to star in which we are born.

There are also a lot of controversies around it. There are one set of people who extremely believe in it because they have witnessed the change in their life. While, there are other group of people who don’t believe in it and don’t consider it as a part of science.

Astrology is metaphysics which is beyond the physical aspect and revolves around the energy and emotion part of it. Most of the astrology predictions are based on your birth chart. Astrology is a very wide field and there are many categories in it.

Astrology is used in choosing the right career. It also plays a significant role in medical field when person is suffering from a specific problem and unable to get it cured through doctors. According to Astrologers, a huge can be made in life by taking small steps.

A lot businessmen take the help of astrology to grow their business. It motivates you and brings clarity, what is the right time for investment and starting a new business. Below are some of the problems that people face in their life and their solution through Astrology.

Problems & Solutions through Astrology

astrologer in siliguri

Career Astrology
If you are hardworking person and still unable to get a job after many try then Astrology can play a significant role in getting the right job. Through Astrology, you get understanding about your strengths, talents, gifts and shortcomings. When you have proper clarity about who you are as a person, then it becomes very easy to levarage those skills and moving up the ladder. A lot of people take the help of vocational horoscope to find the right job. So, before choosing a career astrologer, you should know that whether he/she is having an expertise in this field or not.

Astrology for Previous Life
This is a very complicated thing. Those who don’t belive in past life, for them, it could be really meaningless. But, there are people in the world who often see the glimpses of their previous life. Sometimes, it haunts them and sometimes it makes them curious to know more about it and find the right connection. In these cases, past life regression therapies are done by Karmic Astrologer who helps you in bringing peace in your life. Brian Weiss is a famous therapist who has helped thousands of people through his book. With the regression process, you get the better understanding and also the right connnection between your previous and present life. Dr Brian Weiss has many successfull cases which has provided the solid proof of past life existence.

Medical Astrology
If you are having any medical problem, the first thing that you should do, is to visit a doctor. If that is not working, then only you should visit an astrologer. Through, astrology, you can find the best dates for your operation and surgery. It helps you to be psychologically happy and operation is done when the stars are at right positions. Though, every astrologer is not good in medical astrology, so it’s very important to check the background, what is the total experience, he/she is having and what kind of online reviews, person has got. In these kind of cases, astrologer has to listen to you carefully to make the right decision. Mostly people who are suffering from backpain which is not going after a long term treatment, find solution through medical astrology. Pandit Desraj has helped a lot of people in Siliguri and brought back happiness in their life.

Love Marriage Problem
This is a very common problem that people face nowadays. But, do you know that it can be solved through Astrology. According to Pandit Ji, love is the core of life. You have to understand the true meaning of it. Most of time, when it comes to love, people just wait and hope that someday miracle would happen and their life would change. According to Pandit Ji, finding your love is an art that you have to master. But, the problem is that not many people approach the love marriage astrology in right way. They sometimes go for black magic techniques which is ok but not the right way to find your love back. Finding you love requires patience, courage and right time.

Things to keep in mind before choosing An Astrologer

In this section, we’ll talk about the things that you have to keep in mind before choosing an astrologer.

Do Proper Research: There are many categories when it comes to astrology. It’s important to find the right one. You have to look in the background of astrologer, how many years of experience is he having? You should also see what is the online rating and user reviews, he/she has got.

Specialisation: As, i clearly mentioned that there are different fields of astrology. So, make that the problem you are having, your astrologer is specialised in that particular field. Astrology takes years to master. If you are having a love marriage problem and consulting with a career astrologer that probably might not work out very well.

Connection: You should also feel connection with you astrologer. If you feel the right vibes and he is giving positive experience to you then only you should go with the astrologer.

So, we have discussed everything that you should know to astrology. Pandit Ji is one of the best astrologer in Siliguri and have helped hundreds of people in the city. Incase if you are having any questions, you can let us know in the comments below, we’ll try to reply as soon as possible.

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