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Today, in this post, we’ll talk about one of the best astrologer in Malaysia who has helped hundreds of people in the country. Pandit Desraj is based in Punjab India but has been helping people all around the world. Pandit Ji has helped a lot of people from Klang, Selangor, & petaling Jaya to transform their life.

So, today, we’ll try to understand the different aspects of astrology that everyone should know before they start using the Vedic mantras in solving their problem.

In this modern era of the 21st century where our life is inundated with new gadgets and technology, we often forget our roots, the origin where we come from. Astrology is one of the oldest techniques that we have used over the years to understand our lives and its meaning in a better way. Astrology helps us in comprehending the past, present, and future, which allows us to see the things from a completely different perspective.

It helps us to live a tranquil life and accepting what is supposed to come. It believes the concept of Amor Fati. It is believed that planetary positions play a very crucial role in deciding the quality of life we live, whether we are happy or sad. Sick or Healthy? Though most people don’t understand the whole idea, they still feel the energy of the stars.

Over the years, with dedication and practice, Astrologers have found the different co-relation between the stars and human. Now, we all understand the importance of zodiac signs how it’s very important to know the significance of Zodiac Signs before making any important decisions in life whether it’s a marriage problem, love problem, divorce problem, career problem, business problem, or any other.

If we look into the meaning of Astrology, then it is derived from two words. First one is Astra (Star) & Second One is Logos (Reason). Astrology is the study of stars and planets and their influence in our lives.

World Famous astrologer in Malaysia

If you are looking Famous Astrologer in Malaysia then your Right place, Pandit Desraj is the best for you. Pandit Desraj has Many Years of experience in this field.

Star & Planetary Movement
In Astrology, it is believed that alignment and movements of different stars and planets affect our mind and kind of emotion we feel. Then emotion drives our behaviour, and that’s how our life is shaped. The planetary at the time when you are born compared with the current situation plays a decisive role in deciding the ‘Tamas’ in your life. Tamas is both good and bad at the same time. More Tamas will increase the anger while less Tamas will bring dullness in your life.

It is the core of astrology. You should trust your stars then only their significance can be seen. Pandit Ji recommends that if you don’t believe in astrology, then you should never go for it. The proper ritual should be followed in finding the solution to your problem. You have to play a very active part in the process to see the effective result.

Circle of Life
Life is a paradox. There is no absolute answer for this. Every question has multiple answers. At the same moment, we are everything, and we are nothing. We never realize, but we are happy and sad at the same time. We often find ourself trapped in the thousands of questions, why am i doing this? Why is this happening only to me? What is my fault? Why have i done this? We often become part of this virtuous cycle of resentment. Your Stars play a very significant role in deciding, your role in your life (how much control and clarity, you are having over it?).

The solution of Every Life Problem


There are different kinds of problem; one can go through. Pandit Ji helps in understanding the core of every problem and bringing the permanent solution to it. Below are some of the major problems that people go through.

Love Marriage Problem Solution
Love is a very important part of life. Getting married to the one you love is a dream come true for most of the people. But we often find ourselves trapped in the shackles of different hurdles. It could be a financial problem, family problem, parents problem, intercaste problem, or more.
Pandit Ji with their love Vedic mantra helps their clients to bring back their true loved one and ensuring that you have a happy married life going forward. If you are suffering from one of these problems, you can either call Pandit Ji or WhatsApp at below given number.

Career Problem Solution
Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness are four different pillars of life. You can’t have a fulfilled life without having any of these. To have good wealth, you should have a good career. In this era of high competition, it often becomes difficult to find the job that you love. Pandit Ji will help you in solving your career problem and help you to find your passion that you truly want to pursue.

Business problem Solution
If you are thinking of starting a business and wondering, how should you start your business then Pandit Ji might help you with his Vedic pooja which ensures the benefit in the business and decreases the possibility of loss. You have to follow the Mantras and keep the Golden Fish given to you. It keeps your life in the blessings of God kuber and helps you in prospering your business.

Why Pandit DesRaj Ji

Pandit Ji has helped hundreds of people in Malaysia and brought happiness back to their life. He is one of the renowned members in Indian Astrologer’s Community and has been be awarded several awards over the period of time if you are staying in any of these places like Klang, Selangor, & petaling Jaya. And you are suffering from any kind of love or financial problem. Pandit Desraj is there to help you.

We keep your identity confidential and help you in achieving a happy life within the promised duration. You have to follow the Pandit Ji guidance properly and follow the rituals properly in order to see the effective result.

We have covered all the different aspects of astrology. In case you have any question, you can let us know in the comments below. We’ll try to reply as soon as possible.

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