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Are you looking for an astrologer in Bhopal? Who can solve your problems whether it’s love marriage problem, career problem (unable to get government job), business problems or more. Pandit Desraj is world renowned astrologer who has helped thousands of people around the world and brought back happiness in their life.

He has devoted his life to Astrology and his accurate predictions has earned him a reputed place among Indian Astrologer Community. With his genuine astrology services, your life will become clutter free and you get better clarity about solving a problem. You can consult him via call or through whatsapp.

Astrology is driven by faith and belief. According to Pandit Ji, if you don’t believe in it, you should never go for it. Astrology can do miracles if you really believe in it. Pandit Ji is one of the most reputed love marriage specialist in Bhopal. He can also help you with vashikaran to get your love back.

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Vashikaran specialist astrologer & kundli guru

In this section, we’ll talk about the benefits of consulting with an astrologer, how it can change your life. Pandit Desraj, the famous astrologer in Bhopal has helped a lot of people who have almost quit in their life. We all know, once in a while, we go through the situation when nothing seems to workout and we feel like quitting. If you are new to astrology, then let me give you a bit perspective about it.

Astrology is basically the study of impact of planatery motion on human lives. You might be already aware of your moon sign which means, Naam Rashi & Vedic Rashi. Though, the results are not 100% guaranteed, but you’ll see the huge results if you have patience. Also, sometimes, you should follow certain rituals guided by astrologer for the effectiveness of the result.

Astrologer in bhopal Astroengineers Madhya Pradesh

In this section, we’ll talk about the solution of different problems that can be done through astrology.


If you want to know your horoscope or kundli matching then Pandit Desraj is one of the best Jyotish in Bhopal. His accuracy and precision is remarkable and that’s why he has received so many awards by indian astrologer community. With your horoscope, you can do better planning. It gives you time to make yourself ready for upcoming hardships. Most of the time, we worry about future, not sure what lies next. But with astrology, you can put your worry aside and have better clarity about what’s coming next. Make sure that whatever information that you are providing to pandit ji is accurate like your date of birth, year, and the right time when you are born. Because on that basis, your zodiac sign is decided and then acccordingly, we look into your stars and what is the impact.

Vashikaran specialist

If you are facing problems in your married life or you are not able to find the right partner for you then Pandit Desraj can certainly help you in that. According to Pandit Ji, Love is the essence of life but people face really hard time in finding one. According to Pandit Ji, Person also needs to put effort in finding their love. Most of time, people don’t put any effort in this and hope to see a miracle one day. Pandit ji also emphasises that finding your love and retaining it are two separate things. They are completely separate things. Once you have found your love, you should also know how to maintain it. You should know how to maintain spark and romance in your relationship so that you can have long term happy love life.

Marriage Problems

If you belong to a middle class family, and you are thinking of going for inter caste or love marriage. You probably might have to face a lot of hurdle in your life. According to Pandit Ji, with proper consulation, these kinds of things can be sorted. If your family is not allowing to marry someone from other caste, then there is a solution for that. In Astrology, when stars is not at right position, you will face problems coming out of nowhere. If you are having one of these marriage problems, don’t forget to call Pandit Desraj. A five minute call can transform your life forever.

Businees Problems

A lot of people also face problems in their business. Even though they are working very hard, doing the proper investment and still they don’t see the growth. According to Pandit Ji, Astrology can help you in finding the right moment for investment when your stars are at positive positions. It allows you to get more returns and decreases the chances of loss.

Why Pandit Ji

Pandit Ji is a renowned member of Indian Astrologer Community and has received a lot of awards for his dedication and commitment. He has helped thousands of people, not just in India, even outside India, in countries like US, Australia & Canada.

If you are facing any problem in life and don’t know what to do. Don’t forget to call Pandit Ji. A Single Call will change your life forever.


Can the astrologers in Bhopal suggest a gemstone for my problems?
Gemstone makes the huge difference, and it brings back happines in your life. Pandit Desraj can help you in finding the right gemstone which bring more prosperity to your life.

Can I know my horoscope without the date and time of birth?
If you don’t know your date of birth, your horoscope can be known through astrology.

How much do the astrologers in Bhopal charge for horoscope?
It is based on consulting and per visit. It can cost you around Rs 500 to Rs 5000 per call.

Can I get free Consultation?
Yes, Please meet best Astrologer in India over here.

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