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Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal, situated at the east bank of river Hoogly. It is a colonial city that was developed by Britishers. It used to be the capital of the British India Empire till 1911. Today, in this article, we’ll talk about best astrologer in Kolkata and will also throw the light on city history. If you are planning a trip to Kolkata, below are some of the must-visit places for you.

Victoria Memorial
It is one of the main attractions in the city and draws a lot of people around the year. Victoria Memorial is also known as the proud of Kolkata. The place was built in the memory of queen victoria and now this place comes under culture ministry and a very popular tourist spot as well.

Howrah Bridge
Howrah Bridge is also known as Rabindra Setu is situated at the Hooghly river. It is the main connection between Kolkata & Howrah. It is one of the busiest bridge and from here, you can see the whole city. If you are planning a trip to Kolkata, a ride through this bridge should be in top of your list.

Fort William Kolkata
Kolkata is a place of historical monuments and Fort William is one among them. It is built on the eastern bank of river Hooghly. It was initiated by the British government but later Nawab of Bengal reconstructed it. Now, it is used for different purposes and serves as the headquarters of Indian Army Eastern Command Wing.

Park Street
Kolkata is known for its vibrant street life. The city is the home for many popular musicians, artists and writers. They walked around the city, wrote, sang and got motivation for their art. If you wanna hang out with your friends then it could be a cool place to chill. Earlier it was known as Burial Ground Road but now renamed as Mother Teresa Sarani. It has plenty of restaurants and pubs and you can have really good food over here.

Lindsey Street
It is also known as New Market is one of the main shopping place for a lot of people from the city. If you are ready to bargain, then you can get really good deals at affordable prices. It has around 2000 stalls where you can buy books, clothes and other household items. This place is very crowded on weekends, so it’s recommended to go on weekdays, so that you can don’t have to wait on long customer queues. It closes around 8PM, so make sure that you reach there in time. There are also many places where you can find Kolkata style snacks and delicious tea as well.

Kali Temple
If you are a religious person then you must go to Dakshineshwar Kali Temple. It is a very old temple and was constructed in 1855. It has a beautiful complex with Bengali architecture. It is a very popular pilgrimage spot for Hindu Devotees. The temple was constructed by Rani Rashmoni, one of the famous philanthropists in 19th century.

Belur Math
If you love tranquility and peace, then it should also be in your list. It is situated on the western bank of the Hooghly river. It is the headquarter for Ramakrishna mission and very popular among their followers. The place has many prayer halls, & shrines dedicated to Swami Vivekananda, Sri Sarada Devi & Sri Ramakrishna. You’ll also find Swami’s belongings in the visitor’s room. It has beautiful ambience and architecture which makes it a must-visit place when you are visiting Kolkata.

National Library
It also has very famous library and draws a lot of voracious readers around the city corners. The library has a massive collection of books from all parts of India. If you love history books then it could be a perfect place to drop by. It has collection of more than 2.2 million books which itself gives you an idea about its collection. It is a very old library and was constructed in 1836. There are also a lot of rumors about haunted spirits here, but who knows what’s the reality?

Prinsep Ghat
This place could also be in your must visit where you can spend a beautiful evening with your friends. The place is very relaxing and was built Britishers in 1841. Here, you can also go with your family and have a great picnic where you can enjoy the delicious food and chai. You can also do boating at this place as most of the time, the river is in low tide only. It could also be a good place for your romantic dates.

Piyali Islands
If you want to go out the city crowd and want some tranquility then Piyali Islands could be the perfect place to visit. To reach the place, you need to take the short trip from Kolkata. The main gateway of Sunderbans, is Piyali River which will take you the lush green islands. It is a completely pollution free area and covered by mangrove forests. This also draws a lot of people who love bird watching as it is a home of many beautiful birds.

So, this was all about Kolkata, if you are thinking of visiting the city then these are some of the places that should be in your must-visit list.

Astrologer in Kolkata | Career, Marriage, Gemstone & Celebrity

astrologer in kolkata

Gariahat, Kolkata


Kestopur, Kolkata


Dumdum, Kolkata


Hatibagan, Shyam Bazar, Kolkata, West Bengal


Indraraj Priyam, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal

In the below section, we’ll talk about different aspects of Astrology where we’ll discuss what are different problems that can be solved through Astrology, what are the things that you have to keep in mind before choosing an astrologer and much more. Astrology is the part of science where things are decided on the basis of your birth chart and how your stars move. Sometimes, you might not understand the things but that doesn’t mean that they don’t work. According to Pandit Ji, if you don’t believe in Astrology then you should never go for it because things only work when there is faith and trust.

In India, we have very different opinions when it comes to Astrology. There are certain groups of people who think it doesn’t work while there are people who have experienced benefits in their life strongly believe in it.

Love marriage specialist in kolkata

Pandit Desraj is one of the famous astrologers in Kolkata and has helped many people in the city. Kolkata has been the home of many astrologers who have served people all around the world. If you are looking for astrology services, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind.

Before are some of the things that you must check before choosing an Astrologer.

Before you go for an astrologer, make sure that you check their online reviews, check what kind of feedback, they have got from their customers. You can google reviews for cross verification. It gives you an idea about their legitimacy.

Astrology is a very wide field and there are many categories in it. There are different fields like Love marriage astrology, career astrology, medical, psychological & more. So, you have to ensure that astrologer that you are consulting is having expertise in that field or not? Pandit Desraj has devoted his whole life in mastering some of the astrology fields.

Astrology is driven by faith and trust. If you don’t feel the connection with your astrologer then you should never go for him. It’s a psychological thing that you have to understand what kind of emotions he/she is implanting, are you feeling positive vibes? or you are feeling more tensed?

Consulting through Phone
We are living in 21st century where most of the things are digitalized. Nowadays, you can get astrology consulting over phone as well. Make sure that you are honest to your Astrologer and convey all the information correctly. The right communication is pivotal in the results. Pandit Desraj are known for their online consultation and helped hundreds of people around the country.

Solution through Astrology

In this section, we’ll talk about different problems that people face and how they can be solved through astrology. In Kolkata, mostly people are searching for love marriage astrologer, but we’ll also dive into other problems as well. In Astrology, Nothing is guaranteed 100% and result might vary from person to person.

Love Problems: Love is the core of life. Without it, you can’t even think of your existence. But the problem is that most of the people never find their true love and live a very sad life. According to Pandit Ji, finding your love is an art that you have to master over the period of time. We work on our job to get the promotion, we work on health to get the good physique, but when it comes to love, we don’t put effort. Stars play a huge role and also very decisive in success possibility of your finding your true love. According to pandit ji, most of the time, people use astrology for their own selfish desires. You have to understand that just because you love someone doesn’t mean that they love you back, it’s an emotional process. So, instead of wasting your time chasing the wrong person, you should better invest your energy with the right partner. So, if you are lonely in life and struggling to find your soulmate, Pandit Desraj might help and bring happiness in your life.

Marriage Problems: In India, even though you have found your true love, you still have to face a lot of problems when it comes to marriage. Often, when people go for love marriage or intercaste marriage, they have to face a lot of problems. In these cases, your own family members might become a hurdle. In this situation, proper consulting is required. According to Pandit Ji, when stars are not in right position, we often see the conflicts between two families. This can be easily solved by following certain rituals. If you are facing any of these challenges where you are not able to convince your family for marriage, you can contact Pandit Desraj, he might be able to solve your problem.

Career Problems: The unemployment is increasing exponentially in India and it causes a lot of frustration in our generation. According to Pandit Ji, the first thing that is very important that you have to be hard working. If at all, you are intelligent and also working hard and still not able to find the right job for yourself, then there might be something wrong with your astrological condition.

Medical Problems: If you are having any medical condition, the first thing that you have to do, is to visit a doctor. If still after a lot of operations and medications, things don’t seem to work out, then you might think of consulting with an astrologer. According to Pandit Ji, sometimes big problems of life can be solved with small changes. A small change in your lifestyle can make a drastic difference and alter your health completely. In these situations, Pandit Ji recommends to follow certain rituals and gradually you will become healthy and your pain will go away.

Psychological Problems: A lot of people have low motivation in life and in some cases, they also go through depression. If you are having any of these conditions, then you must consult a psychiatrist and if that’s not working out, then you must meet an astrologer. Not every astrologer has expertise in this field, so it’s very important to check that the astrologer that you are meeting has previous experience in dealing with these kinds of cases. Pandit Desraj has dealt with so many cases like these has helped a lot of people abroad as well.

Why Pandit Desraj

Pandit Desraj has been a renowned member of Indian astrologer community. He has also received several awards over the period of time. He has dedicated his life to Astrology and has helped people all over the world. According to Pandit Ji, Astrology is a part of science where everything is driven by your stars and their planetary motion. It’s a simple subject for those who understand it but could be very complicated those who don’t.

If you are facing any challenges in life and nothing seems to work out. Pandit Desraj might help you in showing the better path of life and bring back happiness to you. You can contact Pandit Ji through below given number.

Till then…
Keep Smiling.

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