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Divorce has become a very problem in 21st centuries. Especially, in Major Western Countries, the divorce rate is very high and most of the couple has to face the problem of marriage failure. The divorce brings emotional turmoil and sometimes, it becomes quite difficult for a person to get over it.

Getting married to your partner whom you love and retaining it are two separate things. A lot of times, once people are married, they forget the importance of maintaining charm and romance in their life. To maintain a happy married life, you have to put constant effort so that life doesn’t get boring for both of you.

There could be n number of reasons behind a divorce. You have to find out what is that, which is causing your marriage to fail. Is it your spouse habit, financial reason, extra marital affair, what is it? You have to look in to the actual reason and try to find out the solution of it.

In Below section, we’ll talk about simple tips and tricks that you can follow which will help you to maintain a long term healthy relationship.

Divorce Problem Solution Astrologer

Treat Your Spouse like Your best friend

This is the simple technique that you can follow and get things sorted. You have to see your partner as you best friend. It will bring more comfort in your life and you both will be able to share themselves without any boundation.

Critique Generally Praise Specifically

This is a very famous quote by Warren Buffet that you have to praise specifically and criticize generally. There would be many instances when you don’t like something about your partner, then in that situation, try to be radically honest. Don’t be blunt to them, it might hurt them and bring down their self steem.

Ups & Downs are the part of life

You should also understand that Ups & downs are the part of life. You can’t be happy all the time, there would be sometimes, when you’ll be sad, there would be times when you’ll be angry… So, don’t seek for happiness all the time, go with the flow, happily accept what comes in life and try to blend with it.

Financial Planning

Financial unstability is one of the major reason in divorce nowadays. It’s very important to plan everything properly. You have to create a monthly budget and stick with it. It will allow you to save more, plan for your vacation, and do the proper future planning. If you are having a debt, try to clear it out. If you want to buy a house, car or whatever. Plan everything accordingly.

If you are having some disagreements, list out all the points and try to come up with a common solution. Try to sort out everything by talking, refrain from having an argument.One More important thing that i want to point out that Husband Salary should always be greater than your wife salary. It might sound weird, but genetically women are hardwired to appreciate a man with access to more resources.

Trust & Honesty

These are the two pillars of happy married life. You should ensure that you never break the trust and always maintain honesty with your partner. You should also expect the same from partner. Transparency in life is very important to maintain a happy relationship.

Maintain Some Space

It might sound bit contradictory but it’s important to give some space to your partner as they say, “distance makes heart go fonder”. It works like a charm; sometimes, giving more space to your partner brings you more close.

Your Spouse is Human like you

Yeah, it sounds very obvious but many a times, we forget that our spouse is a human like us and human can make mistakes. So, when you are angry and frustated and want to respond, don’t respond for next 24 hours, this time will calm you down and your actions will not be fully emotional driven. Accept your partner as he/she is instead of what you want them to be. You have to accept the reality, the more open you are about it, the better and happier life you’ll have. Forgiveness, patience, love and encouragement, you have to maintain the proper balance in all these aspects.

Have a Good Social Life

Having a good social life is very crucial in maintaining the happy relationship. If you are having a lot of problems, you should involve your friends, sometimes friends are really helpful in sorting out the problems. Also, you should be acccountable to your partner and vice versa.

Spend Some Quality Time

Once in a while, you should take a break and go on vacation. It will allow you to spend some quality time with your partner. Sometimes, we get too much trapped in our work and other things that we don’t have time for seeing things from different perspective. Also, ask your partner, what do they need, give them gifts, & surprises. Don’t miss the anniversary and birthdays. When you celebrate these days, it allows to maintain charm in the relationship.

Sexual Life

This is also a very important factor that many a times, people take for granted. You should keep yourself healthy and fit. This will allow to have a good sex life. You can also do a lot of experiments to maintain the romance.

Take Divorce Word off the Dictionary

No matter how bad the situations are. Never talk about it. It should never be an option. Though in rarest of rare case, when you see that nothing is working out and you have tried everything that you could, then only you can think of divorce. Otherwise, don’t bring this word in your dictionary. Remove all the negative thinking because, when there is a hope, there is a way.

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