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India is a diverse country. Here, we have a variety of culture, languages, caste system, and more. We, as an Indian, always feel proud of our diversified culture, but sometimes, it becomes a hurdle in our life.

If you are from a middle-class family and live in a small rural city, most of the times, inter-caste marriage or love marriage is not accepted by society. Uttar Pradesh is one of the states where people face a lot of problems when they go for love marriage or marry someone of the different castes.

Pandit Desraj Ji is one of the best astrologers in India and has helped thousands of people around the country by solving their problem through astrology. He has been one of the most prominent members of Indian Astrologer society and also been awarded a lot of accolades as well.

Best Astrologer in Lucknow, Kanpur, Jhansi, Allahabad

Pandit Ji helps you in every aspect of life, whether it’s your financial problem, business problem, or any other issues. He uses different techniques to solve your problem, which could be vashikaran, mantra chanting, black magic or more.

Today, in this article, we would be covering mainly Love Marriage Problem Solution and Inter Caste Marriage Problem Solution. We’ll discuss the different reasons for these issues and how you can solve it through astrology.

Love Marriage & Inter Caste Marriage Problem Solution

Lower & Upper Caste: We have this lower and upper caste system in our society which is really a big hurdle when it comes to marriage. If someone from lower caste wants to marry someone from an upper caste, oftentimes it becomes a big problem as the society doesn’t accept this bond (Mostly prevalent in Village Area). These problems are mostly because of the uneducated people who are still living with their dogmatic beliefs.

Family Problems: In Indian culture, we believe that marriage is not the bonding of two people; instead, it’s the bond between two families. Approval of family members is very crucial in any marriage. If parents of the bride or groom are not giving their approval, it could be because of some of your stars misalignment.
Through Astrology and by following some simple rituals, the problems can be solved. If you are thinking of marrying someone but your parents do not agree with your decision. Astrology might help you in out in solving your problem.

Economic Differences: In Our Society, it’s very much required for a boy to have equal or better economic status than the girl, he is marrying. If the family background and Groom’s financial condition is not well off, it might become a problem. Pandit Ji comments on this case, that money should not be a criterion in falling in love with someone, but still, it plays a huge role in keeping this in the track. There are basically four pillars of life, health, wealth, love and happiness. The best time to go for love when you have a solid pillar of health and wealth. It’s not that you should go crazy after money; instead, you should have enough money to take care of your family and your partner.

Social Status: This can also create an issue. What status you are having in society is also very important. Pandit Ji has helped a lot of people who had gone through the same problem. At the starting, for them, it seemed completely impossible to marry the person that they loved. But, now it’s been years that they have a very happy married life.

Though, when it comes to astrology, there are different notions and beliefs among people. There are people who will tell you it doesn’t work, but those who have seen the miracle will tell, it does. Faith is the core of its effectiveness, according to Pandit Ji.

According to him, if you don’t believe in astrology, then you should never go for it. You should only try it once you have a firm belief in it.

Alignment of Stars and Planets play a huge role in deciding what kinds of emotions you have. Your emotions define your actions then your actions convert into a habit, and ultimately it defines, who you are.

Everyone has their personalized horoscope based on their date of birth. With the help of horoscopes, your future predictions can be made.

Why Pandit DesRaj?
He is one of the most renowned astrologers in India and has devoted his life to serving people. He has helped thousands of people around the world and brought happiness back to their life.

If you are serving from any kind of problem, whether it’s a financial problem, love problem, marriage problem or any other, Pandit Ji is always there to help you out. A single 5 minutes call might transform your life forever.

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