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Love is a significant part of life. If you are thinking of marrying someone, but facing a lot of problems and you don’t know what to do. There are times when things get out of your control, and you feel like, this is the end of the world, if you are at that situation, don’t worry. We are here to help you out.

If you are already married, then also, you can face a lot of problems. Falling in love is entirely different from retaining love. Hundreds of things might go wrong, and you find yourself completely confused.

Love Marriage Specialist in Pune

We are the emotional creature, and without love, we are nothing. We can’t be happy if our heart is not happy. Everything around the world seems pointless when your heart set is not good. To have a happy love life, a lot of factors are required. If one thing goes wrong, your life might fall apart.

According to statistics, around 30-40% married couple face problems in maintaining the relationship. Problems are the part of life; we should not run away from it. Instead, we need to find out the solutions for it.

We all have a connection with the stars, and other astronomical bodies and their movements have a lot of impact on our core part of life. Your life should be in tao with your respective star. A slight fluctuation can create big turbulence in your life. So, that’s where astrology comes into the picture to maintain the tranquility of your life.

We’ll cover some of the scientific & cultural aspects of love marriage problems and try to find out the solution through astrology.

If you don’t want to read the whole article, you can call us @ +91-9814083014. This would be the most important call of your life.

Reasons behind love marriage problems

Here, in this section, we’ll dive into some of the psychological and cultural aspects that could be the cause of your love marriage problem. So, let’s dive into each aspect one by one.

Pre Marriage (Family Problems)
This is one of the major problems that a lot of couples go through in India. It happens because of the cultural differences and dogmatic ideology. In Pune, a lot of people face problems when it comes to inter cast marriage. Their parents and family don’t approve of their love decisions. Even though you try to convince your parents. Still, things don’t seem to work out. There could be a nakshatra conflict between both the families. If that’s the case, the problem could be solved through Astrology.

Values and beliefs
If you have differences in values & beliefs. You might have a hard time maintaining a smooth relationship. This will create a problem before marriage and after marriage as well. You can co-operate to a certain level, but after a point, disagreements and differences are very hard to ignore. If you are thinking of marrying someone of different religion, it could be a problem if both the persons don’t co-operate properly. In India, Inter religion marriage (Hindu-Muslim & other religions) is not very common. If you are a Hindu guy thinking of marrying a Muslim girl, You should be fully prepared for it. Your Stars should be in the right position. There is a right time for the right thing.

Life Stages
Life has ups and downs. There are different phases with different taste of life. You should always be ready for this. Though, most of the time, the complacent couples overlook this part of their love life and don’t even consider that it can even impact their relationship. But, it surely does. In Marriage, the couple has expectation from each other. If one is not able to fulfill other’s need, the relationship might lose its charm. Though age should not be a barrier when it comes to your life (ideally), As love is blind. But, it’s better not to have much age difference when it comes to marriage. Most of the time, women tend to prefer 4-5 years elder men. But, when it becomes the opposite, you might face problems. If you are facing the same kind of problem, probably Pandit Ji might help you out. You can call us at below given number and have a free consultation.

Also, there is one more aspect that i would like to point out that it is “Personalities change.” People change with time. If you feel that your partner is not the same person that once you fall in love with, then We could help you out with our astrology mantras.

Stress & Boredom
We live in a fast-paced world where there is a distraction at every moment. We take a lot of pressure busy in our 9 to 5 job, get stressed, and start getting bored of this vicious circle of life. Stress is a very common problem that jeopardizes your love and married life. It could be a financial problem, family problem, health issue, or anything else. Though the problem might seem very complex, it has a very simple solution. Pandit Ji will help you in decluttering and simplifying your life so that you can be in flow with its beauty.

You should also know how to maintain the charm of your relationship. To maintain the love, you need to put some effort, so that there is always a tension, there is always a craving for each other. Astrology might help, but there are certain things that you need to do maintain the spark. You should not be very predictable; you should give surprise to your spouse, once in a while that will keep your partner and interested in a relationship.

This could be the worst-case scenario in your love life. No matter if you are the victim or culprit of infidelity. It simply means that you are fallen in love with the wrong person. There is a difference between infatuation and love. And most of the time, people mistake infatuation as love and then they have to pay the price later on in the relationship.

Sexual differences
Physical intimacy is the core of a healthy relationship. If you are not happy with your partner, sexually, it might create a problem in your relationship. In this case, it’s recommended to go for a doctor instead of an astrologer. But if both of you are sexually healthy, then there could be a different issue that you have to look in to.

Solution Through Astrology

Love Marriage Specialist in Pune

Marriage is a sacred bond. When it falls apart, it breaks us down. There are different aspects of marriage that one needs to take care of in order to maintain a long term healthy relationship.

Astrology helps you to find the core issue of the problem and help you to get rid of it. It not only saves your marriage, instead gives a new perspective to live a better and healthier life.

Not many people believe in Vedic Astrology, but it can really transform your life if you go to the right astrologer and have the right guidance. To have a happy love life, the compatibility between the Nakshatra of Boy & Girl is very important. Nakshatras are driven by celestial bodies, and matching is based on Moon. With Upapada Lagna prediction, we’ll give you an idea about your relationship and how good your love life could be.

Why Pandit Desraj?

Pandit Desraj has been helping people since last two decades. He has helped thousands of people around the world in solving their love marriage problem in bringing peace to their life. Pandit Ji has been the part of All India Astrological Conference and always brought a new perspective to the astrologer’s community.
He has been awarded a lot of prestigious awards for his dedication and commitment to his work. If you are suffering from any marriage related problem, don’t Forget to Call on below number. This Call will transform your life and bring happiness & Joy back to your life again.

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