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One of the best love marriage & inter caste marriage astrologer in ludhiana, amrtistar Punjab. Also help you in finding the right job. Pandit Desraj is one of the most popular astrologer in Punjab. He has helped hundreds of people in punjab and brought back happiness in their lives.

According to Pandit Ji, Astrology is driven by faith and belief. If you don’t believe in Astrology then you should never go for it. Also, there are a lot of self proclaimed astrologers online, you should be very careful while choosing one.

In below section, we’ll talk about, how to find the right astrologer? We’ll also cover all other important aspects as well. In case you have any confusion, you can let us know in the comments below, we’ll try to reply as soon as possible.

Best Astrologer in Amritsar, Chandigarh, & Model Town Ludhiana

How to choose an Astrologer

If you are in India, then there comes a time when you consider seeing an astrologer. If you have never taken astrology consulting before then it becomes quite difficult to choose the right astrologer. There is no thumb rule when it comes to becoming an astrologer. A lot of times, people practice it by themselves and learn about it while in other cases, they do some courses and get the formal education of Astrology.

So, let’s dive into some of aspects that you have to look into before choosing an astrologer.

Proper Research

You should do your homework before you visit an astrologer. If they have website, then you can read about it from there. Look at their background and what kind of training they have. Try to read different blogs on their website and try to find whether the information is genuine and are you able to resonate with it or not? If they don’t have presence online then you can talk to people who have taken consulting already.


Specialization is a very important factor that you have to look into. There are different branches of Astrology. If you are facing a career problem, then cross check whether they specialize in careeer related astrology or not? It’s a simple common sense, you will not go to an orthodontist, if you are having stomach ache. So, when you have problem related to specific area of your life, then you should better find someone who specializes in that area. There are astrologers who specializes in relationship, psychological and spiritual aspects and if you are facing the same problem then you should go to them.


Astrologer Fees can vary drastically depending on their astrology experience. So, it’s important that you check beforehand that how much they are charging to you. Also check, how much advance you have to pay. It’s better to pay 50% advance and remaining once the work is done. Sometimes, they might charge you per session. So, different Astrologers have different charge system.

Are they local

Nowadays, you get consulting via phone or you can also have video chat with them. But, i would recommend you to always go with a local astrologer with whom you can meet and get more clarity about the things. When you personally meet an astrologer, you will be able to explain things in better way and you get better solution of your problem.

Best Astrologer in Amritsar

Below are some of the major problems that people face in their life  and their solution through astrology.

Love & Marriage Problems: This is one of the major problems where people meet astrologer for the solution. If you are unable to find your true love or you are struggling with your marriage then Astrology can really help you out. Without love, you can’t think of human existence that’s why you should be very careful while choosing one. Pandit Desraj has helped hundreds of clients in finding their true love and helping them to have a happy married life.

Business Problems: If you have seen a lot of business failures in life. Even though you are working very hard still your investment doesn’t give you the right output, then you should probably consider visiting an astrologer. Sometimes, when stars position is not right, you don’t get any returns on your investment. An astrologer can guide to find the right time for investment.

Health Problems: If you are facing a health issue, the first thing that you should do, is to visit a doctor and even though, things are not working out, then there could be an astrological connection with that. According to pandit ji when no medication is working then only you should visit an astrologer. Sometimes, small changes in lifestyle can make a drastic difference.

Family Problems: If you are facing problem with your family or social life then also, there is a sure shot solution in Astrology. In country like India, sometimes you might find your family as a hurdle in your marriage specially when you are going for a love or inter caste marriage. In that case, you must consult with Pandit Desraj and he can convince you family and bring the stars in right position.

Why Pandit Ji

Pandit Ji is one of the most famous Indian Astrologer who has helped his clients all around the world. He is also a renowned member of Indian Astrologer Community and been really helpful to his peers in bringing new insights of Astrology.

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